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Lojah’s Spring Greeting


Hello friends and family!


Spring is finally here and I think the weather is actually going to stick around.  It has been a little while since I last sent out an update, because I’ve been so heavily involved in working for Veterans Healthcare reform, and some pretty significant life changes that I let my regular updates slip by.



Well, I’m back at it again.  So far 2016 is proving to be a great year for me and I have some really cool updates to share with you.



For starters I opened up my artist page on Lojah.com where you can view and purchase my personally hand painted artwork, inspired by Indigenism, nature, arcane symbolism and personal vision. It’s still in its formative stages but it’s going to be great as it grows.



I consolidated my old blogs into a single blog called The Moody View, easier to follow and keep track of. It’s a place where I talk about art, music, culture and modern critiques. I’ll be covering a lot of my experiences as I create more art and further explore life.


I’m looking forward to hearing from you.


Link up with me by visiting some of my Lojah sites below.






Until Next time,



A message to the Followers of this Blog

Hey, everyone.  Thanks you all for following my blog here.  It really means a lot.

I’m transferring the majority of my blogging efforts over to The Moody View, a place where I feel I can more freely express my perspective, theories, philosophies, and artistic interests.  I really recommend that you follow me over there as well.  That is going to be my primary blog from here forward.

I hope to see you over there, too.


Dave Ramsey: Financial Guru for the Average Person

Dave Ramsey is a financial guru for the average person.  Even if you think you’re doing alright with your money, Dave can help you see the folly of your ways that prevents you from truly excelling financially.

When I finally made the decision to focus on my finance and figure out the secret to creating wealth I explored numerous books, and audio programs by many different financial gurus.  I read Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump, Brian Tracy, and even Gene Simmons, just to name a few.  I began perusing business magazines, and  I learned a lot by doing this.

The problem with most of these books and programs was that although they taught me a lot, most of them are written under the assumption that the reader already has a certain amount of capital at hand, ready to invest. (read more)


Does Obama See Dead People?

Barack Hussein Obama was pointed out by Michelle Malkin as a virtual Gaffe Machine. Aside from the fact that Obama apparently thinks there are no less than 57 United States of America,

nevermind that he thinks Arabic is a primary language spoken in Afghanistan, now Obama proves his ignorance of American culture by confusing Memorial Day with Veterans Day.  Either that or he sees ghosts! 


Monday was Memorial Day.  This is a holiday commemorating our American service men and women who have died in the line of duty.  Veterans’ Day celebrates America’s living veterans.  While delivering a Memorial Day speech in Las Cruces, New Mexico yesterday Barack Obama made yet another memorable gaffe that left more than a few people scratching their heads.  He said;

 On this Memorial Day, as our nation honors its unbroken line of fallen heroes — and I see many of them in the audience here today — our sense of patriotism is particularly strong.


Mr. Obama, what the hell is going on inside your head? “Unbroken line of fallen heroes … And I see many of them in the audience here today?”


I think this little quote says quite a bit about Barack Obama.  It tells us that he doesn’t have a clue what’s going on.  He apparently just talks and doesn’t even think about what he’s just said before he says something else.  Was he not paying attention when HE said “fallen heroes” just a second before?  What happened, did they get back up?  Does he just speak the words that pop in his head without taking the time to engage his logical faculties first?  Is Barack Obama so dense that he doesn’t understand the meaning of the metaphors he uses?  Or Does Barack Obama have a psychic connection to the otherworld?  Maybe he sees ghosts.


Now I’m not knocking Barack Obama because he has extra sensory abilities.  That’s something to be admired for sure.  I think it’s pretty cool that he sees ghosts.  Imagine the possibilities of having a president who can easily contact the otherworld.  Maybe Obama can use this gift to act as a medium, contacting the spirits of our fallen heroes of World War II, and ask them how they feel about his endorsement of appeasing the West’s genocidal enemies.  Maybe Barack Obama can use his abilities to contact the spirits of the Jews who died in Auschwitz– the ones that he claims his American uncle helped liberate.  He could ask them how they feel about his stance on unconditionally meeting with national leaders who have endorsed the full scale destruction of Israel and the slaughter of the Jewish people.


Maybe I’m being facetious.  But in reality I’m sure Obama didn’t actually mean that he saw dead people in the audience.  It just shows that he doesn’t think before he speaks.  He does not actually pay attention to what’s going on and that he has no idea what American culture and values are really all about.  Obama doesn’t seem to know much about history either.  It was after all the Soviets who liberated Auschwitz, not the Americans.


None of this really inspires much confidence in Obama as a presidential candidate.  Can Americans really risk electing another president who has no clue about American culture and doesn’t think before he speaks?  Wouldn’t we like a president who takes the time to at least familiarize himself with the nation he’d like to lead, our culture and history? C’mon 57 states with one to go and then Hawaii and Alaska? That’s 60 states.  What country has he been living in all his years?  Is Obama smarter than a fifth grader?


It’s no wonder Barack Obama is so clueless on issues of foreign policy when he doesn’t even know what’s going on at home … either that or Obama sees dead people.