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About GDB

Welcome to God Drinks Beer.  The first thing you should know is that the English word God comes from old Anglo-Saxon Godin meaning the Norse god Odin.  I’m not sure if he drank beer but he did drink mead.  I prefer beer.
This is the place for Politics, Spirituality, History and Culture.   I live in the creolized South, somewhere between the beach and the swamps of the land called Florida.  I have my formal education in cultural anthropology and religion.  I study languages, I’ve worked in archaeology and my family raises horses.  I am interested in spiritual, social, political and historical phenomena and I’m dedicated to Indigenous causes.  I’m also fairly patriotic and heavily concerned with the well being of our republic.

I am originally a musician, singer and songwriter.  I love the great outdoors, cooking, fishing, reading and creating.  I’m a very dedicated spiritualist with strong Universalist leanings.  I am a Muskogee Creek Stomp Dancer and traveler seeking more light.


Check out more of my writing at GodDrinksBeer.com

4 Responses

  1. w’sup broe

    i don’t really know that much ’bout Native American history, besides that those people were severly oppressed. hoping to know more.


  2. nice blog!

    cindy mccain is a reptile

  3. Hi,
    Great Blog, thanks for taking the time to express your truths. It is truly appreciated, by all ( at least by me). Thanks for your hard work, as a fellow blogger I know the daily grind of publishing new, interesting items. Thanks again for you hard work.
    Peace,Shundahai( A Newe word which means “Peace and Harmony with All Creation) Gregor Gable
    Nuclear and Indigenous
    Items of Interest

  4. Excellent BLOG.

    Very astute.

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