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Saving Money: The First Step to Financial Freedom, Part I

When we begin our quest for financial independence we may wonder where to begin.  A lot of people are plagued with the flawed belief that financial independence only comes by having a great and marketable idea that can earn a million dollars.  While it is true that a person can become very wealthy in the United States this way, it is not the only way, nor is it even the most common way people become wealthy.

Unfortunately more often than not, people who are motivated by the “one good idea” philosophy tend to wind up broke, falling prey to one get rich quick scheme after another.  If you have genuinely found a way to earn a lot of money with relative quickness and ease, good for you!  But this alone will not make you rich or keep you financially independent, because it is not really about how much you earn.  It is about (read more)


6 Top Conspiracies

The Denver International Airport
and more … conspiracy

“Finnegan’s Wake” – Performed by Lojah

I’ve always loved Irish folk music.  Amongst my favorite tunes has always been “Finnegan’s Wake.”  For those who have not yet viewed my links, you may not know that I am a musician myself who has performed as “Lojah.” Here is a video of me performing “Finnegan’s Wake” at McGuire’s Irish Pub, in Pensacola, Florida with Larry Kernagis of Def Leprechaun.

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