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Top 9 Irish Drinking Songs

The Irish have produced some of the best drinking songs ever written.  Characterized by their catchy melodies, comical lyrics, and their tendency toward tragic endings; a good night of pub-singing is a communal activity with much crowd interaction and participation.  The following is a list of my top nine Irish Drinking Songs, in no particular order.  Why nine?  If you must ask, perhaps you need to learn more about the Irish.

1- Beer, Beer, Beer

This is a straight forward song in praise of the fictionalized inventor of beer, Charlie Mopps.  The name is meant to rhyme with barley and hops. The lyrics mostly describe how beer is made, where it is sold and how much better life is now that it has been invented.  As far as creativity is concerned, lyrically this song is not the best.  But it’s a great sing along tune the best thing about this song is its catchiness for group singing.

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