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Tribal Renaissance group

A discussion group for the Tribal Renaissance;

This list is intended for pragmatic and scholarly discussion about the creation and maintenance of self sufficient, cooperative communities and the implementation of Indigenous principles in perpetuating, protecting and providing for these communities.

Influences for this phenomenon are many from the sociological to the ecological; religious and political. This list is about those similarities and differences. The floor is open for discussion regarding Indigenous life and philosophy, tribalism, survivalism, sustainability, agriculture, hunting and spirituality. Politics must be reserved for other lists unless it is an issue directly pertaining to this subject. Campaigners and proselytizers must seek acceptance elsewhere. Discussing political functioning and political makeup of co-operative community is highly encouraged.

Every race and creed is welcomed. With this in mind it must be noticed that people of particular spiritual orientations will be attracted here more often than others. Those include those whose religious persuasion fits in roots oriented categories such as Native Traditionalist, Spiritualist, Heathen and Pagan.

Many cooperative communities and tribes are based around certain spiritual or ethnic heritage. Ethnic and spiritual pride is encouraged but racism and racist language will not be tolerated here.

To join visit; http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Tribal_Renaissance/


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