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5 Reasons to Love Rich People

In today’s climate there seems to be a disturbing trend to demonize our most successful citizens; Rich People.  Hating musicians has never made a person a virtuoso.  Hating athletes has never made one a home-run hitter.  Hating rich people has never made one prosperous.  The rich create jobs, pay the most in taxes and contribute to building a strong economy.  The best starting point to becoming one of the rich is to love them.  At ILovetheRich.com we offer you the opportunity to express your support of a strong capitalist economy by expressing that you too love the rich.

 1- Rich people pay the majority of the tax bill.  84% of the money that funds government services; infrastructure, schools, military protection, “entitlements,” and welfare are paid for out of the top 25% of income earners’ pockets.

 2- When rich people move to a new area to live, the economy improves.  When rich people move away, the economy recedes.  The Lesson; Make your area attractive to rich people, and you and your family will make more money.

 3- When rich people invest their money in businesses, jobs are created.  The working class and the poor have more opportunities to earn more money.

 4- Whenever rich people “waste money” on superfluous expenditures, lots of cash enters the economy. Workers get paid.

 5- Out of all private citizens, rich people give the most money to charities.  By 2007, Bill and Melinda Gates contributed a total of $28 billion to charity.

 Bottom line; If the rich become alienated and move somewhere with more opportunity, the money goes with them.  There would be little to no money in your local economy for jobs, services, “entitlements,” or charities.

 Love the rich.

Audio; Flow by Lojah