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Obama, Racism and the Wolf

I remember the first time I ever heard of Barack Hussein Obama.  I can’t cite the exact date but it was in 2005, shortly after Ted Kennedy made the “Osama Bin Laden, Osama Obama” gaffe.  If you’re not familiar with this episode just watch this video sponsored by youtube.com. 



At the time my brother was serving as an infantryman in Iraq and my family and I were sending relief packages, not just to American soldiers but to Iraqi citizens as well.  At the time I learned his name Obama was being reported as a potential contender in the 2008 presidential election and that he was the first “black” man who might actually have a real shot at the Oval Office.  This has all been proven to be true.


I remember my ears picked up when I heard the news. I got a little bit excited about the idea of Obama, a black man who could be a genuine contender in the race.  I was thinking about voting democrat this year for “change” and was a strong subscriber to the “anybody but Hillary” philosophy.  Knowing little to nothing about Obama, other than his race I was already a pseudo-supporter of his.


I promoted Obama’s name around to friends and family.  As a reggae musician I made sure every Rasta or would-be Rasta I interacted with knew his name.  I didn’t even care that he might be a Muslim (he’s not a Muslim), I thought that might be a breath of fresh air at that time too.  I wanted to see a black man in the White House.  I wanted to see “change.”


As time progressed and the 2008 election came closer and closer I began to familiarize myself with the potential candidates.  That’s when I began to take pause at Obama.  I’m a pretty liberal guy but I don’t agree with him on a lot of things.  I won’t go into too much detail on that since this is not about why I disagree with Obama.  But I’m a pretty strict Constitutionalist, or at least aim to be, and I think an Obama administration would be disastrous for the Constitution.  He comes across too much like a Socialist for my tastes and that makes me nervous.  He’s soft on terrorism.  I think we need to do more to hasten the liberation of freethinking people unwillfully subjected to Sharia law or any other tyranny (from time to time the US falls under that category too).  I think he is too inexperienced for such an important job during such a critical time. And I have no illusions that Obama will overturn any of the executive power the Bush administration grabbed during their tenure. So I disagree with the man.  I think he’ll be a lousy president.  I won’t vote for him and I’m open about it, just as open as I was about being against Hillary, Giuliani, McCain, Gore and W. Bush when they were running.


Then as Election Day has drawn closer and closer a monologue developed surrounding the Obama campaign.  That monologue; If you disagree with Obama and you’re white—you’re a RACIST.  If you’re black, you’re an Uncle Tom or a House _IGG_.  If you’re a woman or another minority—you’re whiteness is showing (i.e. you’re a sellout).  Yes, American politics has now degenerated to the point that the free exchange of ideas and debate over the issues is not allowed or taken seriously when discussing a politician who happens to self-identify as “black.”


Let’s be certain here, I hate racism.  I can’t stand racists of any ethnicity.  I’ve spent countless hours railing against racism, educating people about Marcus Garvey, H.I.M. Haile Selassie I, and the Ethiopian Coptic Church.  I also support a certain amount of Spanish Language initiatives for Legal immigrants.  On top of that I’m a strong supporter for Indigenous Rights world wide.  But now that Obama is in the limelight I get called a racist simply because I disagree with the man, and because I have no faith in him as a president.


You can’t even run against Obama without being called a racist, as “Rev.” Michael L. Pfleger of Chicago clearly demonstrated in his recent tirade against Hillary Clinton insinuating that she is a white supremacist and that her tearful ramble from weeks ago was not just because she was losing the race, but because she is WHITE and was losing the race to a “black” man. 


And quite frankly I’m heavily concerned with this monologue.  It’s really not good for interracial harmony.  It is in fact very divisive.  What else could you call the rhetoric of a campaign and constituency that suggests “you’re either with us or you’re with the white-devil”?  It makes me disgusted with the Obama campaign when I otherwise would have just disagreed with it.


One reason I’m concerned over this attitude is that it undermines racial unity and disempowers real antiracist efforts.  Anyone educated enough to read this post should be intelligent enough to understand the moral of the Boy Who Cried Wolf.  He shouted it and shouted for his own satisfaction and purposes over and over again, until one day when a wolf really showed up, no one came to his rescue because they didn’t take the crier seriously anymore.


ObamaAnd if you’re like me then you know that the Obamanites are crying wolf because the only reason I would consider voting for him, the only reason I was so *positively* interested in his candidacy in the beginning, the only reason I still feel a sense of pride or “hope” swelling inside me at the thought of his presidency is precisely BECAUSE he’s BLACK … or at least he’s not “white” for a change and so close to the finish line.  But that alone is just not enough for me. 


10 Responses

  1. […] Obama, Racism and the Wolf I’ve spent countless hours railing against racism, educating people about Marcus Garvey, HIM Haile Selassie I, and the Ethiopian Coptic Church. I also support a certain amount of Spanish Language initiatives for Legal immigrants. … […]

  2. One of the best things I’ve read about this election this year. Kudos.

  3. Wow. Thanks.

  4. …but our alternative is McCain?
    …overturning Roe vs. Wade as a first step to taking away womens reproductive rights, increased tax cuts for the super wealthy, same story or worse in Iraq …ugh…at least Obama inspires some hope for a new vision for our country’s future, and I don’t think it’s just beacause he’s black, the guy is just different enough to give us a chance to get out of a serious rut.

  5. Our choices are rather meek either way. I’ll go for the lesser of two weevils, which for me is not Obama.

  6. It was a very good post.

    My mother has been affected by “the smooth.” I have listened, and I understand why. He can be an exceptional orator.

    However, his socialist leanings are quite scary, and my personal arguments with John McCain policies are somewhat assuaged by his likelihood of placing a bit more of constructionist on the supreme court.

    Keep up the good work.

  7. Jay, since writing is an art and you are very talented with the art of word-craft, you have been awarded an Art Y Pico award by moi! For more information, check out my blog at http://www.deliastonesstudio.com.


  8. I wanted Obama but his secrets leave me a bit afraid! I really hope he steps up to the plate and puts all of these un-answered questions to rest after all, he is seeking the most powerful position in the land that concerns us all. We would be giving him our trust and survival! I don’t want a President who can’t be up front and honest! Come on Obama open up!

  9. It’s amazing that Obama frightens people. He comforts me. We need something new in this country. We need investment in the people of this country. I’m not sure what jobs are like where you live. In Pennsylvania, many good paying jobs have been and continue to be sent over seas. Obama has a plan to create more jobs in the US and he will remove tax breaks for outsourcing our jobs and instead give tax breaks for creating jobs here and not abroad. Having said that, it is John McCain that frightens. He will bring 4 more years of Bush policies and he loves his wars. He is still fighting the Vietnam war. We don’t need more wars. We need more jobs.
    You sound like an intelligent person. Here, watch this video. Obama has plans, McCain has POW and war.

  10. Anyone who has been paying attention to politics for the past eight years and who is not a liberal pushing the democratoc party line knows that McCain is nothing like George Bush.

    McCain does not love war, but tough times require tough talk and strong leadership. Obama has nothing to offer this country but wishy-washy values and a weakness that our enemies love. All he has proven with his time in politics is that he likes to vote “present” and his political views bring him into close affiliation with terrorists like William Ayres.


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